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At Digistore24 we develop software that has an impact on the lives of millions of people every day. That's why we look for talented developers who want to contribute and take full responsibility for their own projects. We are the right fit, if you do not work for your CV, if you do not program something just to show-off, if you do not hope to eventually join Google someday - if you are not waiting for some day.

We are building an IT company that develops software to the same standards as Google itself. However, without having to live a shadowy existence as a small cog in a large corporation.

Software Development at Digistore24

Digistore24 is one of the fastest growing software companies in Europe. Our core platform is an automation solution developed by a small and extremely competent team. It provides a complete infrastructure to over 100.000 entrepreneurs to build a scalable online business with millions of customers.

We have achieved this, because of clear, indisputable software development principles:

  1. Bug-free German Engineering - All our software projects have substantial influence on critical business processes and must therefore be extremely reliable and well-programmed.
  2. Agile Workflows - Our focus is to directly implement ideas as testable features instead of writing long documentations first. This way we create shipable beta versions within a few weeks and evolve them continuously through reality checks.
  3. Freedom, Responsibility and Trust - The success of our projects lies in the hands of individuals just like you, who are extremely competent developers and who therefore receive all necessary resources and full support from us.
  4. Equal Focus on the Business perspective - We do not see software development independent from the software business. Thus, everyone here develops software through the eyes of the user. We help you internalize their needs and requirements as perfectly as you know your code.

The Dev Team

Our team consists of experienced developers, each of whom takes full responsibility for his or her own project, that is

In addition, everyone plans and prioritizes their own development pace. We do not believe in specifying detailed requirements and applying strict regulations. What matters to us is a project in budget and ahead of schedule.

The Project

As a front-end developer, you get the chance to develop the entire user interface for our current software projects, based either on Java or on PHP.

  1. If you have ever developed a user interface for a Java project, we include you in our A.I.-based CRM system. It is able to identify patterns in customer inquiries and thus significantly reduces time and expense in customer management. The interface itself will also include a lot of gamification elements that will make the day-to-day work of customer advisors much more motivating.
  2. If you have already proven yourself in PHP, you will build the interface for our website and course builder. This is a SaaS project that serves as a funnel, lead-page and membership-building platform. It will support our customers in building up a profitable online business on their own.

Both projects will be launched this year to our more than 100.000 customers, ensuring a successful market launch. This means that you will not only enjoy great freedom in the development process, but also a virtually guaranteed impact with the final product you put on the road.


That's why we're looking for an experienced front-end developer with a keen sense for good user experience and beautiful design. You should be very familiar with AngularJS and have an uncompromising drive to design beautiful interfaces - both in terms of usability and design.

It is also important to us that you have already created a complex web application, that you have experience in agile development processes, and that you consider first-class, clean, and easily testable code as the basis of your work.

You should also bring with you:


If you bring that to the table and identify with our culture, we will provide you with all the resources necessary to succeed. We give you a permanent place in a team of spirited performers who really want to make a difference. And we'll have your back and let you do what you can do best - building great software.

Of course this matters for us. We give so that you can contribute. If that scares you off, very well - then you do not make a bad investment and either do we. If you like our approach, then we would be really happy to hear from you.

Your Application

We do not want to assess your skills and motivation solely based on diplomas and certificates. Show us what you did. We are interested in all projects of your previous occupations, own projects, your code on Github, etc.

Please send your application via the apply now button and upload your resume (PDF) as well as all the work samples you think are necessary.

When everything goes well, we will get back to you and have a short phone call. The next steps will be:

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