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Digistore24 has created the greatest reseller platform and affiliate network on the german speaking market. We’re reselling our customer’s digital products, focusing mainly on business automation and providing our customers with more time and freedom to develop their products. Being one of the greatest affiliate networks, we currently have over 50.000 users who are either selling products or advertising those as an Affiliate. For this we provide a cookie based affiliate tracking, with automated on time distribution of commissions to each business partner and statistics on our user's successes, such as their conversion rate. Our biggest unique selling proposition is us taking care of the tricky business part of selling digital products: Invoicing, tax payments, product returns, chargebacks and end-customer support. Our customer's are receiving max 4 payments a month containing their earned income - instead of having to invoice each sale with each customer by themselves - saving them a lot of time and a ton of tax paper work each year.

Where We're Going:

Now we are expanding into new lingual markets and work on new software projects to expand our platform’s impact. In our IT department, we're mainly working with PHP and Scrum in a team of currently 4 developers, a project manager, a QA and a server admin. For this we are searching for A-Players, who want to join a young team, who flourish when bearing responsibility, who love to be proactive and take clean code and detailed work seriously. Are you one of us?

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